How’s Your Health Survey Results

We ask all patients to complete the HOW’SYOURHEALTH survey once per year.  This helps us, help you, but gathering useful information about your medical concerns and conditions, all the while affording us a ‘snapshot’ of our practice in general.  This helps us plan where to allocate resources to best help the practice as a whole.  Please be assured that all information is strictly confidential.

  • 20% of our patients report being hypertensive, 16 % report arthritis, and 10% report respiratory disease.
  • 20% take more than three medications.
  • 7% report feeling limited by feelings, 10% by pain, and 11% by dizziness or fatigue.
  • 24% are concerned about exercise and nutritional needs and 21% are concerned about preventing heart disease or cancer.
  • 5% report currently smoking, with 5% being ready to quit.
  • 90% report good health habits, with 61% reporting regular exercise.
  • 37% report a family history of heart disease, and 17% report a family history of diabetes.

It helps us determine if we are aware of patients concerns:

  • Of those limited by daily activities, 70% report that we are aware.
  • Of those limited by pain, 50% report that we are aware.
  • However, of those limited by feelings, only 40% report that their clinician is aware.
  • These indicate an area in which we can improve.

This data also helps us determine how we are doing on quality indicators:

80% of our patients say that it is very easy to access our practice and that when they arrive 98% say that the practice is very efficient.

Whenever there is a need, we would like 100% of our patients to report that we are doing great? Of course, what people recall and report is going to be short of 100% so we also compare our performance to national benchmarks. For example, we are in the top 1/3 of all practices in the nation on almost all measures such as providing exactly the care patients want and need exactly when and how they want and need that care; 85% or our patients who have chronic diseases report that they are receiving very good information.

However, sometimes we fall short of our patient expectations. For example, several years ago we noticed that almost 1 of every 5 patients (20%) felt that their medicines might be making them sick. We have worked with our patients on that problem and now about 1 in 20 feels that they may have medication side effects.

Now we are focusing on two areas.

First, patients report that our awareness of their limits is short of what they need.

Second, though 65% of our patients report that they are confident they can manage and control most of their health problems (compared to the national average of 55%), we would like this percentage to be even better. See our section called “Confidence Matters“ for more information.

Thanks for completing the survey.  If you have not done so this year, please click “Complete the HowsYourHealth Survey” under the Interact tab.

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