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Confidence is a key indicator for gauging levels of self care, self management, and the ability to change behaviors. Almost everyone can become more health confident and active in managing or controlling health problems, health risks or concerns. When you think about it, confidence is key to many things in our lives, such as finding a job, putting a nutrition or exercise plan into action, or changing any behavior you would like to improve. Let’s work together to increase your confidence towards all of your health goals! Take a moment and click here or on the CONFIDENCE MATTERS tab to the left. By discovering where we are, we can help you get to where you want to be!


We continue to receive a high number of inquiries from prospective patients regarding our practice. We want to be sure our practice is a perfect match for your needs. Please review our website carefully (including our insurance and payment policies) to see if we might be a great fit for you. Should you be interested in enrolling, please click here for more enrollment information and to request an enrollment packet. Should you be enrolled in Medicare Part B, please click here for more information.


If you are a consumer of healthcare (and who isn’t), you need to be very familiar with this website; Run by the State of NH Department of Insurance, this site provides comparative pricing information for all things medical from office visits, to MRIs to surgery. For example, as of November 2016, the anticipated out of pocket cost of a brain MRI (anthem, high deductible plan)would be $4000 or $3444 or $1872 out of pocket. Same machine, same test. All done at a high quality hospital within 20 miles of Exeter. I have been told that there may be a lag updating these prices on the website (so best to check directly with the provider), but you can still get an idea of the general cost of services at various institutions. If what you need is not an emergency, a little homework can result in significant savings without giving up high quality.


We find a great book can provide that ‘ah ha’ moment‘ and get us thinking about better health, ways to change a behavior or help us through a difficult transition. Our waiting room is stocked with some excellent titles for the taking! If you see one you like (and promise to read it) it is yours for the taking! Read it and pass it on, we will replace it. It is one way we invest in tools that can have a profound impact. To take a look at some of the titles in our library, click here.

Welcome to Your Medical Home !

Thank you for your interest in YourMedicalHome, an innovative Model of Primary Care.

Our pledge to you is not complicated.  We will treat you as we would want our own family members treated.

As we all pay increasingly more out of pocket for our care, we pledge to offer services that add VALUE to you. What other practice gives every patient after hours cell phone access directly to a physician (avoids unnecessary ER visits), allows self scheduling of appointments (not just request) and encourages email communication directly with our providers (not filtered by staff)? We strive to make things that should be simple, simple.

Please be aware.  Our Practice Model does differ from what we call “Usual Care”. “Usual Care” is increasingly identified with large buildings, well utilized waiting rooms, difficult access, rushed visits and harried physicians; an institutional, treadmill, take a number atmosphere.  We have built a different model with a different focus, you and your needs.  A Model that encourages and values communication, and recognizes the value of coupling Access and Continuity, whether in the office, hospital or your home.  Our providers seek to partner with patients who wish to take an active role in their health, and who believe that prevention is critical.  We invite you to come along.

Our website is meant to be a helpful resource for you, whether or not you are a current patient, and to impress upon all our enthusiasm for, and dedication to, the re-emergence of a Model of Care that embraces Old Fashioned Personal Commitment and Caring, coupled with the best of Modern Day Primary Care.

Please feel free to click on the following links for more information.

  • INTRODUCE our Providers, Model of Care and Policies for those who may wish to enroll.
  • INTERACT in the manner of your choosing: ask a question, make a request, request or schedule your own appointment or take care of a balance by phone, E-mail or online.
  • COMMUNICATE current information of interest, frequently asked questions, survey results.
  • INFORM & EDUCATE through links to reputable health information and tools.
  • INSPIRE & MOTIVATE through information and resources that we hope will interest and inform, provoke thought and challenge you.
  • SUPPORT & ENCOURAGE Professionals who may be interested in a new Model of Care.

After all, we are, in fact, guests in YOUR lives. We see this as an honor and a privilege. It would be a privilege to be of service to you and your family.

Welcome Home

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